In Pictures: Bye bye Box 40!

As reported previously, Wednesday 29th October witnessed the departure of both Blackpool & Fleetwood Box 40 and Blackpool Balloon 711 from the National Tramway Museum at Crich, with both trams heading back home to Blackpool. We are pleased to bring you further images showing Box 40 leaving the museum on this day.

Due to some delays experienced near Preston, the convoy was stranded at Broughton overnight and it wasn’t until the following afternoon – some 24 hours after the trams set off from Crich – that 40 and 711 arrived safely back at Rigby Road. Box 40 was unloaded first and then it was pushed into the Electrical Compound to have its trolley pole and lifeguards refitted, enabling a possible return to use before the year is out. 711 was then also unloaded and it too was shunted into the compound so that its protective tarpaulins could be removed. When (or indeed if) this tram will run again is far less certain although if any members of the ‘B Fleet’ are considered for service next year its good performance at Crich should certainly count in its favour.

The last chance to see Blackpool & Fleetwood 40 in Tramway Street - at least for the forseeable future - was taken as the final preparations for its long road journey were being made.

The Blackpool electric loco was on hand to help with the loading of both 40 and 711, and is seen here alongside the lorry with Box 40 on board waiting to depart.

167 bids Box 40 a fond farewell as the latter waits to leave the museum, with the former operating in service.

Box 40 in the car park.

The low loader transporting Box 40 back to Blackpool on the main road having just exited the museum site. (All photos courtesy of Crich Tramway Village)

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5 Responses to In Pictures: Bye bye Box 40!

  1. Phil Hart says:

    If I remember correctly didn’t Box 40 once have a headlight at each end?

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      Yes it did, however this was removed many years ago as it is unauthentic to its B&F Tramroad Company livery. The large headlights were added later on when it became part of the Blackpool Corporation fleet.

  2. David T says:

    The photo I have shows only side and tail lights under the chassis

  3. JOHN says:

    It received headlights which it retained when restored in 1960 and operated initially at Crich in this form. The headlights were removed at Heaton Park. It has since had 2 different sets of head/tail lights under the dash.

  4. Phil Hart says:

    Many thanks for clearing this up

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