Another new Flexity advert in Blackpool

Following on from the recent application of new side advertisements to Blackpool Flexity 006, sister car 005 has now joined it in gaining a new sponsor. This has now become the second of the Flexity2 class to receive advertising for the National Health Service, joining 008.

Whereas 008 features slogans warning of the dangers of high blood pressure on a pink background, 005 has received attractive blue adverts featuring slogans regarding memory loss. The design used is otherwise similar to 008 and the new NHS adverts have been applied in the usual positions, along the roof side and on the lower side panelling of the centre section of the tram – but only on one side. The other side retains its previous adverts for the Big Blue Hotel; presumably this will only be temporary until either a new sponsor can be found, or the time is taken to remove these posters.

The Pleasure Beach had been the dominant advertiser on Blackpool’s most modern class of trams almost since their introduction into service in 2012, but their stronghold is gradually slipping away. Apart from the one side of 005, only cars 013014 and 015 retain their Pleasure Beach adverts, and these feature Ripley’s ‘Believe It Or Not’ auditorium, the Big One rollercoaster and Nickelodeon Land respectively. It remains to be seen how much longer these adverts will remain in situ with the attraction seemingly no longer seeing a need to advertise on the trams.

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6 Responses to Another new Flexity advert in Blackpool

  1. Tommy Carr says:

    What happened to the ripley’s advert on 013?

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    Surely the NHS has no spare cash to go advertising on a Blackpool tram?

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