Woodlands Road stop prepares to say goodbye

The end is nigh for the Metrolink stop at Woodlands Road with workmen set to move onto the site to start demolition work. Woodlands Road was closed to all Metrolink services in December 2013 after a TfGM survey had shown it to be one of the least used stops on the network and there was also concerns raised about the security at the stop. Despite a small local campaign the stop was officially closed after a period of consultation with two new stops at Abraham Moss and Queens Road having recently been built to cater for local traffic. Work to demolish the stop (which will include the removal of the platforms, staircase and access ramps) should start in October with a completion date set for November.

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3 Responses to Woodlands Road stop prepares to say goodbye

  1. Stan Price says:

    The closure of Woodlands Road has left hundreds of North Cheetham residents without adequate public transport although only two miles from Manchester City Centre. The closure case indicating that there were adequate alternatives, Metrolink and Bus, to Woodlands Road was flawed using, for example, as-the-crow-flies rather than actual walking distances.
    The security issues were also a red herring as freedom of information requests have revealed Woodlands Road station was no more insecure than anywhere in North Manchester and specifically the new Abraham Moss station.

  2. Barbara Carpenter says:

    I think Woodlands Road should be kept, modernised, and used properly as a tram stop, as I have noticed the nearest bus stop is on Cheatham Hill Road. If you think Woodlands Road is not safe then take a look at Besses O’ The Barn. That stop certainly does not look very safe to me.

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