Edinburgh’s tram service will have positive impact on city – top civil engineer claims

The new President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Geoff French, has claimed that Edinburgh’s new tram service will enhance the ambience of Princes Street whilst at the same time have a general positive impact on the city. Mr French made the comments as he visited Edinburgh as part of a tour of major ongoing infrastructure projects in Scotland including the tram, Forth Replacement Crossing and Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games venues.

Mr French said: “The tram is a step change in public transport in Edinburgh so I’m very much looking forward to visiting it. I’d have thought of all the Scottish cities, Edinburgh is the one best suited to the implementation of the tram and I think once completed it will have a very positive impact on the city. I also think there’s something about just freeing up Princes Street from having quite so many buses running along it. It would add enormously to the ambience of the area and will help set off the Castle and the top end of the Royal Mile that you can see from Princes Street. I just think it will strengthen that whole entrance to the city centre.”

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4 Responses to Edinburgh’s tram service will have positive impact on city – top civil engineer claims

  1. Jamie Guest says:

    Nice to see some positive comments about Edinburgh, especially from such a high profile and knowledgable source. I’m waiting to see 23 going up Princes Street under horsepower.


  2. Have to differ. I think the “old chestnut” that trams cause traffic jams will raise its head. Already, traffic jams at west end Princes Street are causing considerable problems….with the full service not yet running, with trams given priority at these traffic lights to the detriment of other road users.

    • Ken Walker says:

      I don’t see the difference between putting a new tram line through a junction and putting a new, additional road through a junction.

  3. John Stewart says:

    Alasdair McFarlane should ask himself: “If there is a tram every five minutes and 200 motor vehicles every five minutes, which is causing congestion, the one vehicle with 200 people on board or the 200 with perhaps an average of two on board?”

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