Liverpool 245 sees green!

As well as organising two recent events – a 24 hour ‘Tramathon’ in aid of Children in Need, and an event marking 80 years since the closure of the Wallasey tram system – the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society have been hard at work recently putting some final touches to the restoration of Liverpool 245. Since our last picture update on the tram, further progress has seen the exterior of the tram receiving its first green paint!

After being reunited with its completed truck, many hours have been spent painting 245 and the tram is now sporting its first green and white undercoat. Better still, the first glimpse of green gloss paint is also in evidence on the roof. Meanwhile, fitting out of the interior is also making excellent progress with the upholstered seats now fixed in place. The tram is now on target to be ready for road testing in the New Year, with a possible launch date suggested for Easter 2014. Having not carried passengers for more than fifty years, the return to service of Liverpool 245 is certain to be one of the big tram highlights of the next year, and after a few difficult years this fantastic achievement should also ensure that the Birkenhead tramway will be very prominent in many peoples’ minds for all the right reasons next year.

A stunning preview of Liverpool 245 sporting its first coat of green paint, and looking nearly complete in the tram depot at Taylor Street, Birkenhead.

It's not just the outside of 245 that looks almost finished, as proved by this view of the upper deck interior with its refurbished seats. (Photos by John Hewitt)



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3 Responses to Liverpool 245 sees green!

  1. aaron says:

    That’s the lower deck as you can see the floor traps. Excellent progress.

  2. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    Looks great. These streamline trams would not look out of place today.
    Look forward to seeing and riding on 245.

  3. David Taylor says:

    HELP information wanted.

    While restoring 245 the winding windows seen in the photo where dismantled and under the handles but still visible to the eye was the words Mr PYP then under that was Rawlings. The base of the the fitting had a saint like figure laying on his stomach with his feet in the air. He is also wearing a tie.

    Can anyone help with the manufacturer, who was Mr PYP and why the saint like figure.

    Help with this mystery would be most welcome.

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