In Pictures: Grimsby & Immingham 26 goes off the rails

Grimsby & Immingham 26 caused more problems for the Beamish Tramway on Tuesday 19th November when it suffered a minor derailment. The tram was soon re-railed but was immediately taken out of service and returned to depot for investigations into the derailment to take place and to check to see whether any repairs were required. This was another blow to the tram fleet at Beamish with their well reported shortage of enclosed trams necessitating the loan of Blackpool 280 and it is hoped that 26 will soon be back doing what it does best – transporting visitors around the site at Beamish.

Photos showing Grimsby & Immingham 26's minor derailment on 19th November. (Photos: Nigel Valentine)


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1 Response to In Pictures: Grimsby & Immingham 26 goes off the rails

  1. James Palma says:

    Interesting, it looks like it has also split the points witht he leading bogie going one route and the trailing bogie the other!

    Or am I looking at the pics wrong?

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