Manchester Metrolink Improvement Works: Sunday 17th November

Limited improvement works will take place again on Manchester Metrolink before 0900 on Sunday 17th November causing some services to be altered. Services from Bury will terminate at Crumpsall, from Rochdale trams will run as far as Central Park, trams from East Didsbury will terminate at Victoria with trams from Ashton-under-Lyne being diverted to run to Eccles. Replacement bus services will operate to Piccadilly from Crumpsall and Central Park. Normal services will resume after 0900.

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5 Responses to Manchester Metrolink Improvement Works: Sunday 17th November

  1. nigel says:

    I rang metrolink yesterday and they advised it will be the same for the next 3 weekends, also being reported 1003 now withdrawn, 3073 in use on media cities yesterday.

    • Ken Walker says:

      As Gareth has pointed out recently withdrawals of the T68s and T68As are likely to speed up now, more important than ever now to get ’em in while you can!

  2. Ken Walker says:

    According to the TfGM website, the Oldham town centre route opening has been brought forward from spring 2014 to the beginning of the year. This has been made possible due to the Network Rail work at Victoria being rescheduled from January 2014 to late February / early March. The work to reroute via Oldham town centre will require the line between Central Park and Rochdale station to be closed for a week, exact dates to be announced later. I would have thought they would run to Freehold as there is a crossover there but there must be a reason for not doing so. Let’s just hope that the week in question doesn’t see the road network covered in snow and ice!
    This does not appear to affect the timeline for opening the Rochdale town centre extension, which presumably remains as spring 2014.

    • Freel07 says:

      I think you’ll find that Freehold can’t be used during the blockade due to electrical sectioning and isolation requirements in order to connect the overhead line. Freehold is close enough to Werneth substation to be within the isolation limits as I think that the work will involve the section isolators at Werneth.

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