Midland Metro to extend to Coventry?

Plans are being put together for another Midland Metro route which would link Birmingham city centre to Coventry as part of the development likely in the region as a result of HS2. The plans have been revealed by Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham city council, at a transport and economy scrutiny committee meeting.

It is planned that when (if?) HS2 arrives in Birmingham that the whole West Midlands region should benefit and this is where the initial thinking for a Midland Metro extension to Coventry is coming from. The plans would see a line running from Curzon Street to the Airport and HS2 Interchange and then onto Coventry.

Cllr Bore commented: “We are looking at how we might connect future transport routes across the city into HS2. What I’m referring to here is perhaps the next Midlands Metro route which we intend to take from the City Centre out to the Airport and HS2 Interchange Station and we hope onwards from there to Coventry.”

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3 Responses to Midland Metro to extend to Coventry?

  1. Paul says:

    i would love to see the metro go from bottom of Broad st, Bham to Bearwood. Or from five ways following the No 8 inner circle bus route around birmingham

  2. David Taylor says:

    Might and hope are two words that should be changed to will and soon

  3. Meme says:

    It would indeed be good for a further expansion of the tram network in Birmingham, lots of oppurtunities going off the way the Manachester system has blossomed.

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