Confusion over new Blackpool winter timetable

As the Blackpool tramway prepares for the onslaught of winter, Blackpool Transport have already released information regarding the new timetables which will be introduced on Monday 11th November; after the final night of the 2013 illuminations season. This will see a less frequent service offered on the tramway, as is to be expected as the peak time of year comes to an end.

The new winter timetable introduced on 11th November will see a 15 minute service operating for most of the day, except on Sundays when trams run only every 20 minutes. In the evening this is reduced further, to give a basic half hour frequency in both directions. As always, the service should be provided solely by the 16 Bombardier Flexity2 trams which should prove more than capable of keeping a regular and reliable service going throughout the winter months.

However, there has been some confusion as unfortunately a human error has resulted in the incorrect information being posted at tram stops, giving the wrong times for the revised service. The correct details can however be found at and will be provided at all tram stops imminently.

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3 Responses to Confusion over new Blackpool winter timetable

  1. Rob Hitchens says:

    At 4:20pm on Wednesday I spotted the notice about the winter timetable for the trams.At St Chad’s. I was surprised at a 20 min daytime service. At 4:45pm I called at Market St office. The lady gave me a winter timetable and said it was a 15min service is n the daytime. I explained about the posters at the shelters. She nade a note. At 6:00pm I saw Bryan Lindop at Pleasure Beach. He said the mistake had been noted first thing on Wednesday. He said new posters would be up by the follwing morning. They were. Why are we so keen to tell the world about mistakes that are made. Shouldn’t we report it to the appropriate people ie in this case Blackpool Transport. They responded
    as quick as possoble. Well done to BT For sorting it quickly..

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      Good to hear that the error has now been resolved, as we said that it would be. I don’t think the original article was as negative as you make it out to be though – mistakes do happen inevitably, and BTS have been quick to resolve this one. Elsewhere I’ve seen at least one alleged supporter of the tramway question the company’s ability to run a transport system based on this one error, which is an overreaction in the extreme! This website is very supportive of Blackpool Transport, however we aim to report the news as it is and this case was no exception.

  2. Tommy Carr says:

    You can hardly criticise this anyway-a few years ago in the summer you were more likely to find out when the trams ran the winter before than what time the next tram will be!

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