Around the World in Trams: Centraal Station Amsterdam

The month of May’s “Around the World in Trams” is still in 1980 as we take another look at Amsterdam.

This is outside Centraal Station with an impressive sight of the left hand loops with a tram on each of the three tracks. On the left hand side is 876 which was built in 1959 as a Beijnes 2G and would stay in service in Amsterdam until 1993 when it was transferred to Poznan in Poland. It remained in use there until 2003 when it was scrapped.

In the middle we see 678, a Werkspoor/Duewag 6G new in 1967 and scrapped in 2002 and then on the far side is 682 which like 678 was a Werkspoor/Duewag 6G new in 1967 but would last a little longer as it wasn’t scrapped until 2004.

Photograph by Keith Chadbourne, 1980

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