In Pictures: In the Workshop and around the depots at Crich

We recently featured a pictorial article from the Crich Tramway Village of trams out on the mainline in service and in this accompanying report we now take a look at the Workshop and around the depot. The Workshop section concentrates on the two major projects at the moment – London County Council 1 and Blackpool 298.

It is hoped that London County Council 1 will be able to be officially launched into service later this year bringing an end to its extensive restoration project which saw it initially move into the Workshop in June 2014. We see Bluebird here looking resplendent in the Workshop.

At a much earlier stage of its restoration is Blackpool Brush Railcoach 298. With the new framework taking shape it is once again unmistakably becoming one of Blackpool’s iconic streamlined trams. Also note fellow Blackpool car, Pantograph 167 in front of it in the Workshop.

Berlin 223 006-4 has now been withdrawn from service requiring workshop attention which means that for the 2024 season there will be no Access Tram in service. Its seen here on display in the depot sandwiched between Blackpool pair Brush 630 and Centenary 645. On the far track we can also just make out Newcastle 102 which is another one which will hopefully return to service during 2024. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 13th April 2024)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: In the Workshop and around the depots at Crich

  1. mac says:

    Can’t wait to see 298 back in working order.

  2. geoff hewitt says:

    I visited Crich last Thursday, 18 April. LCC1 will look magnificent out on the tracks. I hope Crich will issue pre-warning of LCC1’s return well in advance.

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    LCC 1 looks brilliant, but shouldn’t it have a ‘via Kingsway Subway’ board as it’s on route 35?

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