In Pictures: Trams back running at Crich

As you’ll have already read after a delay to the operating season for trams at Crich they started to run along the line again from Easter Saturday, 30th March 2024. Our first photos of the season come from two weeks later on Saturday 13th April 2024 when a standard three tram service was in operation using Glasgow 22, Leeds 399 and Sheffield 510 with Blackpool 40 also running some trips after its driver training duties were complete. Trevor Hall with the photos.

So far this year there have been seven different trams used in service (with one further tram having entered service since our season launch article). Those trams have been Blackpool pair 40 and 236, Glasgow 22, Leeds 180 and 399 and Sheffield duo 74 and 510.

Current operations see no passengers able to alight at Glory Mine with trams just arriving and then reversing back towards Wakebridge.

Progress also continues to be made on the construction of the new café with the old Tea Rooms now having gone and a new structure being built. Timelines for the opening of the new facility are during the summer.

The trolley is turned on Blackpool 40 as its used on driver training. The tram is seen here just outside the depot gates with the Croydon Tramlink KLV 058 and its trailer 061 just seen in their usual position on the siding in the depot yard.

The progress being made on the construction of the new café/tea rooms is seen here with Leeds 399 waiting out time at Stephenson Place.

Sheffield 510 is seen here at Wakebridge before heading back down to Town End.

510 is then joined by Glasgow 22 which arrives from Town End and seems to have a very healthy load of passengers, particularly on the top deck. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 13th April 2024)

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