In Pictures: 34 back at Wednesbury

As expected its been a case of one out and one in at the West Midlands Metro Wednesbury Depot as following quickly on from 26’s departure is 34’s arrival back at the depot. The latest move – again conducted by Reid Freight – saw the tram return on Thursday 4th April.

34 had been in off-site storage at Worksop since 4th October 2023 when it was the fourth of the original fleet of CAF trams to head that way. It is also the fourth tram which has returned from the Harry Needle owned site in Nottinghamshire since originally going there – 17, 26 (although that has since gone back to Worksop) and 29 having already gone and returned since trams started to go to Worksop for storage.

34 is a tram which spent a long period out of service (before the major cracking issues were discovered and they all spent a lot of time out of use). It was out of action from 11th December 2018 until 4th April 2019 although didn’t end up being sent elsewhere for repairs. Indeed, even when the bodyside cracks needed attention this was not a tram to go away for this to happen and so its trip to Worksop was the first time it had left Wednesbury since delivery in January 2015.

The trams will continue to be swapped between Wednesbury and Worksop until the depot enhancement works are concluded which will mean all 42 trams can once again be housed there.

34 is almost home as the Police escort it back to Wednesbury.

The lorry containing 34 is maneouvred towards the depot. (Both Photographs by Andy Walters, 4th April 2024)

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