In Pictures: Is Pepsi OK? 3031 latest to get new advert in Manchester

There are now 15 trams in Manchester which carry advertising liveries with 3031 becoming the latest to be wrapped. Its another global brand which has taken out the contract on 3031 with Pepsi now advertising on the tram with it first seen in action during the final week of March 2024.

The advert on 3031 is part of Pepsi’s rebrand with a new look now being seen on their products and the advert includes the phrase “NEW LOOK SAME GREAT TASTE”. Its mainly black with images of the new look for Pepsi cans.

3031 had been in fleet livery since November 2023 when it lost its second advert of 2023 for (originally applied in August 2023). Its first advert of not only 2023 but also its life was for the Great Manchester Run which was on the tram March 2023-August 2023.

The 15 trams which are currently carrying adverts in Manchester are 3023 (Maybelline), 3028 (Asahi Super Dry), 3031 (Pepsi), 3038 (Get on Board), 3047 (AO Arena), 3061 (Rochdale Town Hall), 3069 (IKEA), 3075 (Procore), 3079 (Bee Network), 3080 (USDAW), 3081 (Delicia Drench Body Butter), 3091 (Starling Bank), 3102 (Starling Bank), 3116 (National Trust) and 3117 (Marks Electrical).

3031 leads a double unit towards Piccadilly when seen at Shudehill.

The advertising even goes inside 3031 with the roof seeing ads for those who look up!

One of the other recent adverts to be added to a tram is this design for the National Trust on 3116. Shudehill again with a service to Bury. (All Photographs by Reece Hughes, 29th March 2024)

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