Picture in Time: Stagecoach Supertram 110

In this latest edition of “Picture in Time” we head back to South Yorkshire for another Stagecoach operated Supertram image.

The original Siemens-Duewag trams initially had roller blinds before these were updated with electronic destination displays during refurbishment. At the time of the below photo 110 was still fitted with its roller blind and it tells us that on the occasion of this image it was working on the Blue route bound for Halfway.

Its at Gleadless Townend here where the Blue and Purple routes split and is just turning to head off on the Blue route and its ultimate destination of Halfway. Whilst some of the earlier arrivals had come out of number order by the time 10 (or 110) turned up it was back to sequential order with its being the tenth to come from Germany.

Photograph by Noel Downie, 2002

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