In Pictures: 272 receives another new advert

Its all change again for another tram in the Edinburgh Trams fleet as 272 receives a new advert. Scottish Water are now advertising on the tram with the partial advert replacing a full vinyl wrap for OVO Energy.

With 272 going from a vinyl wrap back to a partial advert it becomes the first tram in the fleet to have made this change. Every other full wrap has either remained in situ ever since application or it has been replaced by another vinyl wrap.

272 loses its OVO Energy advert which was first seen in October 2023. It was one of four trams to carry the same advert and with its removal it now means that only 276 remains in the bright green design.

Other ads for 272 have included CR Smith (August 2017-April 2019), Royal Highland Show (April-July 2019), Audi (July 2019-July 2020), John Lewis (October 2020-May 2022), Royal Highland Show (May-July 2022) and ESPC (July 2022-October 2023).

The advert for Scottish Water on 272 as the tram passes the Royal Scottish Academy at The Mound. Also of note is that the tram has received a repaint with the remaining visible part of the fleet livery now just plain white. (Photograph by Robin Barnes, 16th March 2024)

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