In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 214 in its advert

We reported last month that Nottingham Express Transit 214 had received its very first advert following the application of a full vinyl wrap but at that time it was just a description – but now we have the photo to show it. Thanks to Daniel Mullins for the image.

The advert on 214 was applied in February 2014 and is very similar to the advert on 205 for the same sponsor – e-on. The main difference which can be seen on the tram is that the ends state “Proud to support QMC hospital”.

As 214 is advertising e-on this means that the firm (under both its current identity of e-on and its previous name of Powergen) has now had full adverts on no fewer than seven of the Bombardier built Incentro trams – not far off half of them!

Of course, the shot everyone will want to get now is of 205 and 214 together!

214 calls at Old Market Square when working to Hucknall. This was so close to getting it with 205 as it had only just pulled away. (Photograph by Daniel Mullins, 9th March 2024)

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