Around the World in Trams: Vienna 668

We are back to Vienna for this edition of “Around the World in Trams”.

And this week we are looking at the more traditional side of transport in the city. Trams have been running in Vienna for almost 160 years (the first horse trams started in 1865) with the city having gone through horse, steam and electric operation. It wasn’t until 1922 that the last steam trams ran in Vienna by which time the electric trams had been in operation for 25 years with conversions having commenced in 1897. The network has always run on standard gauge and today has almost 270 miles of track (432km) with a fleet of over 500 trams.

We take a look here at the impressive lattice roof at Wein Praterstern as 668 waits to depart on route 5 to Westbahnhof. 668 is a seven section Siemens ULF-B tram which was introduced into service in 2002.

Photograph by Colin Scorah, May 2018

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