Adverts keep coming on across England

The variety provided in tram fleets by the application of advertising vinyls has continued over the past few days with another couple of trams on different tramways also being seen in new adverts. This affects both Manchester Metrolink and Nottingham Express Transit, including a tram receiving its first ever ad.

The first ever full advert is on Nottingham Express Transit 214 which has recently received vinyls for e-on. Of course, this is not the first tram (or indeed the only tram currently) to have advertised e-on in Nottingham but it does mark the very first time this particular tram has been in an advertising livery. It now means that only 203 and 215 have not yet carried all over adverts of the original Incentro trams.

214’s advert is a pretty familiar design as it is similar to that currently carried on 205 with the usual e-on red base colour on the vinyls.

Meanwhile, across in Manchester and 3061 has returned to being an adverted tram with the application of vinyls for Rochdale Town Hall. Whereas 214 may be a newbie to adverts, 3061 is not as it has previously carried vinyls for Babyliss (September-October 2019), #GetOnBoard (October-December 2022) and Pegasus Airlines (May-November 2023).

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3 Responses to Adverts keep coming on across England

  1. Oliver Shenton says:

    Metrolink 3028 also has its first advert

  2. Geoff Hewitt says:

    If only someone would sponsor the repaint of one in Red & White livery, lined out in gold and with ‘Manchester Corporation Tramways’ down the side. Perhaps with ‘Henry Mattinson, MInst.T’ as well?

    I know this is silly, but I can dream, can’t I?!

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