West Midlands Metro customer satisfaction survey results revealed

For the first time since the pandemic, at the end of 2023 West Midlands Metro ran a customer satisfaction survey where they sought feedback from over 1,500 customers on the network. It was conducted independently by Transport for West Midlands using a specialist team trained to carry out face to face interviews alongside a digital survey.

The survey took the form of several questions and from that 87% of respondents were said to be satisfied with West Midlands Metro overall – which isn’t a bad figure when you consider some of the issues the network has had in recent years.

The full headline results given in the survey results are:

93% – Cleanliness and condition inside the tram

91% – Tram stops general condition and maintenance

90% – Amount of time your journey took

90% – Information provided inside the tram

The survey then goes into various different categories (On the tram, At tram stops, Tram times, Waiting for the tram, Our team, Ticketing). It is probably of little surprise that the two lowest percentages are for value for money (74%) and frequency of the trams (76%).

Other percentages of note include Route/destination on the front of the tram (88%), length of time waiting for a tram (81% – so 5% of those not happy with the frequency of the trams were content with how long they had to wait for their tram), reliability (83%) and helpful and timely information provided at the tramstop (88%).

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