Around the World in Trams: Vienna 123+405

The March location for “Around the World in Trams” will be the Austrian city of Vienna.

The city of Vienna has an extensive public transport network and this includes a standard tramway, metro and railways. Wiener Lokalbahnen operates the local railway network (a nearly 19 mile line) but this does share some track with the tram between Baden Viadukt and Baden Leesdorf and Wien Schedifkaplatz and Wien Oper and so the vehicles used have a definite tram look.

It’s the Wiener Lokalbahnen line that we feature in the photo below as see 123 in May 2018 along with 405. The two are at Karlpatz heading for the terminus at Wein Opera. 123 was built in 1993 as a SGP 100 and 405 is a Bombardier 400 which was built seven years later. Both vehicles are still serviceable in 2024.

Photograph by Colin Scorah, May 2018

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