In Pictures: Breitling get their second vinyl wrap in Edinburgh

In our round-up of new advert liveries on the Edinburgh Trams system we mentioned a new full wrap on 271 for Breitling and now in this article we take a look at the advert – which may look very familiar to you!

Of course, it was around this time last year that we saw the very first full vinyl wrap advert on Edinburgh Trams – and that was also for Breitling as part of their sponsorship of rugby in Scotland with the 6 Nations Championship taking place this time every year. That was on 270 (between February and June), a tram which went on to receive a second wrap straight after for Camera Obscura.

Into 2024 and Breitling are obviously of the opinion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it as their full wrap this year – which is on 271 – is incredibly similar to last year’s! There are a few minor alterations but overall the vinyls are close to those we saw 12 months ago with the dark blue/yellow mix.

As well as being Breitling’s second full wrap on an Edinburgh tram it is also 271’s second wrap as from October 2023 until February 2024 it was one of four trams which had adverts for OVO Energy. Its one of the trams with at the lower end of the scale of number of adverts as this is only its fifth in total – thanks mainly to a five year contract for Parabola My Edinburgh Park/Edinburgh City Vision 2050 which was on the tram from September 2018. Other ads have been for Qatar Airways and Tiso.

271 is on the way to the Airport when seen on Princes Street with its attractive advert for Breitling. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood, 22nd February 2024)

Some of the advert detail with the tram sitting at St Andrew Square.

And the other main picture included on the advert. (Photographs x2 by Roy Calderwood, 24th February 2024)

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