In Pictures: Wolverhampton St George’s tramstop

It was the original terminus for the Midland Metro in Wolverhampton and it should still be one of two termini in the city but the stop at St George’s remains closed and waiting for its first tram since 28th August 2023.

The stop was originally closed at the end of August (temporarily) to allow for “integration works and updates to the stop environment”. This was mainly to see the new Railway Station extension fully integrated into the network and it was then expected by the late autumn that a full service would run to both termini (posters at the stop still up say late autumn as well).

However, we’re at the end of February and it seems that there is little prospect of an immediate return for trams. We last featured photos from the stop in November 2023 when it was apparent that work had taken place and things looked as if they were progressing towards trams returning.

But now and it seems more work is needed and the dreaded pink Midland Metro Alliance barriers are back in situ.

Barriers are in place across the track at St George’s.

A closer look shows (as well as barriers down) that some paving remains removed from around the rails suggesting that more work is needed. (Both Photographs by Richard Maund, 21st February 2024)

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6 Responses to In Pictures: Wolverhampton St George’s tramstop

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Are we seeing the abandonment of the first section of second-generation British tramways?

    • Gareth Prior says:

      No, even if they decided not to go back to St George’s (and there is absolutely no suggestion that will be the case) the section into Birmingham Snow Hill has already been abandoned and in Manchester the alignment into Oldham has changed with the street running replacing the old Oldham loop line to Mumps. There’s possibly more I’ve forgotten about as well!

      • Scott Murphy says:

        There’s been talk for years about converting the old tram platform at Snow Hill into a terminus platform for trains, obviously it hasn’t happened yet but that’s under Network Rail control now that WMM have vacated.

  2. John Hibbert says:

    The abandoned section of street track was left in place in the roadway at Oldham Mumps and can be seen on Google maps satellite view.

  3. Steve GM says:

    I don’t think there’s point of reopening St George’s unless there’s an extension city loop, otherwise for new learning Quatre plan

  4. Nigel Pennick says:

    OK thankyou for informing me there have been other abandonments.

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