In Pictures: Trams move around after Lisbon 730’s arrival at Beamish

As we’ve reported before, Lisbon 730 arrived at its new home of Beamish on Monday 22nd January 2024 which has seen a few changes of position for trams around the depot. This has seen another Portuguese tram moved outside for temporary storage whilst 730 itself has gone into the main depot ahead of being prepared for service.

When 730 first arrived back at Beamish (it having spent a month there in 2013) it was put onto road 1 in the depot but it has already been on the move with it heading into the main depot on road 3. As noted in the last article, whilst the tram is ultimately going to receive a local livery (with Darlington mentioned as being likely) it will first be prepared for service in its current guise. There is no timescale for when it will enter service with the priority being the completion of Gateshead 10’s overhaul.

With space needed for 730 there has also been the move of Oporto coal tram 65 out of the depot building. This tram is now sheeted over ahead of being moved to storage in another building, with it being a longer term project to restore it to use. Gateshead 52 (which remains on road 1 in the depot) is also slated to be moved for further storage.

So far in 2024, there have been four trams used in service at Beamish. We’ve already mentioned Sunderland 16, Sheffield 264 and Blackpool 31 whilst its also confirmed that Oporto 196 has been used.

Trackwork is also continuing on the tramway in the “off-season”. This led to only the anti-clockwise circuit being available on this visit.

730 gets used to its new surroundings in the main depot. With Sunderland 16 to one side, the other side shows the compound where Gateshead 10’s overhaul continues.

Wrapped in a tarpaulin Oporto 65 is currently stored outside of the depot. Newcastle 114 looks on.

Blackpool 31 passes the worksite with work taking place on the curve from the Town towards Pockerley. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 28th January 2024)

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