Trams &: Blackpool 159 & trolleybus

“Trams &” today heads off to the East Anglia Transport Museum.

Like so many photos at the East Anglia Transport Museum this one is taken at the Chapel Road terminus which is just through the entrance. When you walk through the door into the museum the chances are that you will see a tram, a trolleybus or a combination of the two and so it was on 29th May 2023.

The tram here is Blackpool 159. One of the Blackpool Standard Cars, 159 has been at the East Anglia Transport Museum since 1967 and ran for the first time three years later. It’s a regular performer in service at Carlton Colville as it was on this visit to the museum.

Alongside is one of the trolleybuses which is resident in East Anglia. Its Portsmouth 313 which was built in 1951 and would have 12 years of service before withdrawal in 1963. It moved to the museum in September 1990 and was ready to return to service in April 2007.

Photograph by Gareth Prior, 29th May 2023

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  1. Michael Owen says:

    Both built in Blackpool

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