In Pictures: More adverts in Nottingham

After a period following the last refurbishment of the Incentro trams on Nottingham Express Transit which saw fleet livery prevail in almost all cases, it appears that the age of the all over advert is back with 211 becoming the latest tram to receive vinyls. The tram is now advertising Marks Electrical.

Whilst this is the first time that Marks Electrical have had a full advertising livery in Nottingham, it isn’t the first time that they have advertised on a tram on NET as they previously had centres ads a few years ago. This is the second tram currently on a UK tramway to advertise the company with Manchester Metrolink’s 3117 also carrying vinyls for them. Marks Electrical also had adverts on West Midlands Metro 19 between August 2020 and August 2021.

This ad on 211 is a complete wrap with all fleet livery covered by the vinyls. Using a blue base colour (not dissimilar to West Midlands Metro blue!) it also includes contravision.

211 is not a tram which is a stranger to an ad having carried five designs in the past. These were for Nottingham Express Transit: Tram It! (2010), Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (June 2012-April 2013), Armed Forces Day (April-October 2013), Alstom (October 2013-December 2016) and Deliveroo (December 2016-2019).

There has also been another advert added to a tram in Nottingham which hasn’t previously been reported on these pages. This is on 204 which received vinyls for MHR Global, a HR software company in December. It has an orange base colour with the body of the tram covered. The body ends remain clear of ads with fleet livery remaining.

This is the second wrap to be carried on 204 but the first commercial advertising contract. It previously carried vinyls for the NET “Glide into Nottingham” campaign from August 2012 until 2013.

211 has just departed from the stop at Old Market Square on its way to Phoenix Park. The tram is in a new all over advert for Marks Electrical which had only been debuted in service the day before. (Photograph by Daniel Mullins, 23rd January 2024)

The new advert on 204 is seen this image taken at Nottingham Station. (Photograph by Barry Ovenden, 13th December 2023)

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