Cold weather disrupts NET

There was major disruption to services on Nottingham Express Transit during the morning of Thursday 18th January with the severe weather being blamed for a bad start to the day. First announced at around 0600, NET initially confirmed that only two of their 37 trams were out on the network.

The picture did improve during the morning and by 0830 the number of trams out in service had increased to eight. A full service was then able to resume from around 1130.

Although the original announcement gave no information expect to say that it was due to the severe weather conditions, later posts did give a bit more information. One social media post said that the operator had troubles “defrosting trams” at the depot and then later it was said that the issue was with the screen wash which was frozen in all but two trams at the start of the day.

The UK is currently in a bit of a cold snap and the night before this issue temperatures were reportedly as low as -8C.

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