Trams &: Sunderland 16 & bus

We return with another series of “Trams &” and we head to a common location for this series – Beamish which just keeps on giving opportunities!

Taken during the Fares Please! event which took place in May 2023 and celebrated public transport this photo depicts one of the resident trams and a visiting bus at the Entrance stop. The tram probably needs very little introduction as it is Sunderland 16 which has been in service at Beamish most years since 2013.

On 6th May 2023 it was working on the clockwise tramway circuit and as it was it came across this double deck bus. This is an AEC Regent V and was introduced into service in East Kent in 1959. Moving to Lockey in 1972, it is preserved in that style having entered preservation in 1991.

Photograph by Gareth Prior, 6th May 2023

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  1. Gordon Bulmer says:

    Sunderland 16 has been in service since 2003. I was involved in a small way in its restoration.

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