11 leads the way at Seaton in 2023

With the 2023 season now over at the Seaton Tramway (with the last trams running for season being on the first day of 2024 with the yellow timetable in operation), they have released data for how often the trams in the fleet were used. Its probably unsurprising to find out that the two trams which were used the most were two of the “new” trams with 11 leading the way and just followed by 9.

Whereas other tramways who release their tram usage figures tend to go with miles travelled at Seaton it is number of trips that are recorded and for 2023 that shows that 11 made a total of 963 trips with 9 not far behind at 951. The fact that 9 was so close to 11 is the more remarkable in that it spent a period out of use having its accessibility door modifications implemented.

At the other end of the scale the least used tram (except 7 of course which remains stored out of service) was 4 with 117 trips whilst 19 managed 147 trips – the two lowest capacity trams in the fleet. Of note is that the oldest purpose built tram, 6, was only just above these two with 157 trips recorded.

The total number of trips were as follows:

11 – 963 trips

9 – 951 trips

8 – 813 trips

10 – 763 trips

12 – 541 trips

16 – 533 trips

15 – 503 trips

14 – 456 trips

2 – 319 trips

6 – 157 trips

19 – 147 trips

4 – 117 trips

As mentioned above Seaton have already run in 2024 with the last day of the 2023 operating season being on 1st January. This saw at least 9, 14, 15 and 16 all in use. Trams will next run on Saturday 10th February.

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