The Completely Random A-Z of Trams in the British Isles! U is for Undersized

Today we reach the letter U in our “A-Z”.

Yes, the letter U is probably a bit of a cheat and maybe even doesn’t make sense! We go for “U is for Undersized” and for that we choose the Seaton Tramway (it’s the only way we could shoehorn Seaton into this A-Z!). Running on the 2’9” gauge for around three miles between Seaton and Colyton in Devon the line mainly runs of the formation of the former Seaton Junction to Seaton railway line. Opening in 1970 the tramway first ran as far as Bobsworth Bridge before reaching Colyford, extensions came in 1975 from Riverside Depot to Harbour Road in Seaton and then finally in 1980 between Colyford and Colyton. The trams have all been purpose built and includes three former first generation trams from London, Bournemouth and Exeter which have been reduced in gauge to enable them to run as single deck saloons. Now having run for over 50 years the tramway has gone from strength to strength with recent progress having seen two new halts open as well as the new Seaton Station being opened in 2018.

The old Seaton terminus is the scene of this photo as we see two of the purpose built trams during an End of Season Gala. 2 is on the left at the loading stop whilst 12 is stabled at the old wheelchair accessible ramp waiting to be called upon for its next use. (Photograph by Gareth Prior, 27th October 2007)

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