15 Years Apart: Seaton Tramway 14

Today its another edition of “15 Years Apart” as we head down to the Seaton Tramway.

Seaton Tramway 14 was built in 1904 for Metropolitan Tramways as a double decker but by the time we initially catch up with here on 25th October 2008 it was a single deck enclosed saloon – a condition it had been since 1984 when it became the first of the converted first generation trams for the Seaton Tramway. Its seen here at Seaton terminus.

When we see 14 on 27th May 2023 it looks almost exactly as it did 15 years earlier but its surrounding are very much different! This is again taken at the Seaton terminus but the new look enclosed Seaton station building is worlds away from what it looked liked before. 14 wasn’t in use on this day but was stabled on the far track. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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  1. David says:

    I wish that I could say that I like the new loading area and cafe but I prefer it as it was before. This is partly because I hate the new Tesco store next door to it and the whole effect is too much “modern”.

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