15 Years Apart: Leeds 6/Hull 96

Today “15 Years Apart” features a tram which has had a change of identity between 2008 and 2023.

On 30th November 2008 the Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester held a special event “A Celebration of the British Works Car”. They had recently seen Blackpool Railgrinder 752 arrive and in addition had repainted Hull 96 into works grey livery to return it to the time it ran in Leeds as a works vehicle. Whilst still being a passenger tram its new look featured an all over grey livery. We see the tram approaching Middleton Road Depot.

Now back as Hull 96 the single decker (which in the intervening 15 years has spent a period on loan at Beamish as Leeds 6) is a regular performer in service at the tramway looking resplendent in its Hull Corporation Tramways livery. This was the tram sitting outside Middleton Road Depot on 26th March 2023. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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