British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2023 – Voting Now Open!

Thank you to all those who took the time to send in nominations for the British Trams Online Tram of the Year 2023 – your ideas have helped us to form a shortlist as (for the first time) we look to find five winners! All but one of the categories (Event) has now been split into “Heritage” and “Modern” as we know there are those out there who have an interest in one and not the other so this will allow each of these sub-categories to compete against themselves. The “Event” category has not been split this year because one of the sub-categories would only have had a single nominee which would have made it all rather pointless!

The shortlist for each category is as follows:

Tram of the Year (Heritage)

Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619

Officially relaunched into service in March 2023 after an extensive overhaul.

Manx Electric Railway 19

Returned to service for the first time in 50 years at the Festival of Railways Heritage Transport Festival

Manx Electric Railway Freight Trailer 26

Returned to surprise use at the Festival of Railways Heritage Transport Festival having not been used in 30 years

Seaton 9

Received changes to its lower deck accessible area with the addition of doors to make it fully enclosed on the lower deck

Tram of the Year (Modern)

Edinburgh Trams 258

First tram to run on the Trams to Newhaven extension – both on test and when public services began

West Midlands Metro 31

Operated the first public service on the Wolverhampton Station extension

Tramway/Museum of the Year (Heritage)

East Anglia Transport Museum

More trams now on site with Blackpool 634 and the upper deck of Glasgow 488 having been delivered as they continue to expand the museum

Manx Electric Railway

Massive increase in passenger numbers as they celebrated 130 years of operation

Seaton Tramway

More major work on the infrastructure including Bobsworth Bridge and the first full year of the two new stops

Tramway of the Year (Modern)

Edinburgh Trams

Opening of the 3 mile Trams to Newhaven extension – the first expansion of the line since opening

West Midlands Metro

It may have been delayed but the Wolverhampton Station extension finally opened alongside a general improvement in the service throughout the year

Event of the Year (Heritage & Modern)

Edinburgh Trams – Opening of Newhaven extension

The first expansion of the network with 3 miles of tramway taking people along Leith Walk to Ocean Terminal and Newhaven

Isle of Man – Year of the Railway Transport Festival

An extended event with trams returning to service, special tours and a cavalcade at Laxey including not only the Manx Electric Railway but the Snaefell Mountain Railway as well

West Midlands Metro – Opening of Wolverhampton Station extension

Trams started to run to Wolverhampton Station adding two more stops to the network

How to Vote

Now you know the shortlists you can submit your votes! Votes can be submitted at You can vote in all of just some of the categories but please remember multiple votes will be discounted so if you’re not sure don’t submit one vote and then decide to go in later and change your mind!

Voting is open from now until 1000 on Saturday 6th January 2024. Please remember only vote once (multiple votes will be removed!) and that the contest is just for fun!

Good luck to everything nominated!

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