In Pictures: e-on return to advertising on Nottingham Express Transit

Nottingham Express Transit 205 has received its first ever full vinyl wrap advert with e-on returning with a new contract – the fourth different tram to have advertised this company (five different trams if you include Powergen ads with e-on the new name for that company).

The advert on 205 was first seen in service during early December and seems to have covered the fleet numbers on the tram but fortunately the Lord Byron name is still in situ which enables it to be identified! As with all previous e-on ads it is dominated by the colour red and does include vinyls over the windows. Although it is a full wrap there are sections of fleet livery which can be seen.

With this being the first advert 205 has carried 12 of the 15 Incentro trams have now had wraps (203,214 and 215 the only ones which haven’t – none of the Citadis trams have either).

e-on have previously advertised on 206 (December 2013-2016), 208 (July 2012-December 2013) and 213 (September 2020-March 2021). In addition Powergen advertised on 201 (two designs from 2004 to 2008) and 213 (two designs from 2004 to 2007).

There are now four trams in advertising liveries although 205 is the only one which can be considered commercial advertising. The others are 201 (Consent Coalition), 202 (Consent Coalition) and 212 (Carbon Neutral Nottingham).

The new look 205 is seen at Rivergreen heading from Clifton South to Phoenix Park. The advert is promoting how e-on is “Helping Nottingham reach net zero”. You’ll notice that the green fleet livery is still visible on the cab side. (Photograph by John Whittingham, 6th December 2023)

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