Around the World in Trams: Port de Soller 20

We continue “Around the World in Trams” with another photo from the Port de Soller tramway.

This time the tram we feature in the photo is 20. This is one of the former Lisbon trams which have been converted for use on the Port de Soller line. Built as part of a batch of motors for Lisbon between 1936-1940 by Carris they had to be regauged (from the 900mm Lisbon gauge to Soller’s 914mm – 3ft) and now supplement the original motors. This is at Mar y sol.

Photograph by Michael Morton, 30th September 2023

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  1. Bob Hodges says:

    Tram no. 20 has also been rebodied in the style of the original Soller trams. Here it looks as though it is part of a multiple unit with an ex Lisbon tram at each end and 2 of the modern trailers in between. These units can be driven from either end which means there is no need for disconnecting the trailers and reversals at the termini.

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