In Pictures: Cars v the West Midlands Metro

On a disappointingly regular basis we report on Tram v Car (or other road vehicles) collisions on many different tram systems across the British Isles. One which seems to have been in the wars a fair amount in recent months has been the West Midlands Metro with two of the trams which have been involved being 21 and 55.

55 – which only entered service 14th November 2023 – was hit by a car close to Priestfield on 25th November 2023 and had to be returned to depot nursing its wounds. Ater being stabled in the depot yard for a few days waiting for repairs to be undertaken the tram was soon back in service on 6th December 2023. Although there obviously weren’t any standard fleet numbers in stock!

A second tram which was involved in a collision was 21, but its happier news there as this incident was far less severe and it is back in service with new panels in place.

This zoomed image shows 55 in the depot yard at Wednesbury with the damaged section currently protected by the blue tarpaulin (West Midlands Metro blue too!). (Photograph by Michael Morton, 30th November 2023)

55 back in service with an oversized fleet number on the damaged end. This is at Black Lake. (Photograph by Andy Walters, 6th December 2023)

21 complete with new side panels after repairs following its issue with a road vehicle. You’ll notice that these new panels don’t have the West Midlands Metro lettering – although the sand box still does have the remaining letters on it having not needed replacing! (Photograph by Andy Walters, 27th November 2023)

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  1. Scott Murphy says:

    The standard of car driving has really gone downhill in years. The amount I see on the Bilston Road who don’t give way to the tram, and either don’t know – or don’t care – that trams have priority, it’s unbelievable. The tracks having been there since the 1990s it’s not as if it’s a recent thing either!

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