Zero tolerance campaign against fare dodgers to be launched on NET

Starting from Monday 4th December, Nottingham Express Transit will be starting a zero tolerance campaign as part of its continued efforts to crack down on fare evasion. This will see an increase in the presence of plain clothed officers at both tramstops and on board trams to help reinforce the message that fare evasion is theft.

As from this date anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket or pass will be handed a “no questions asked” £70 Penalty Fare Notice which if not paid will leave the recipient liable for prosecution, with a further fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record next to their name.

Sarah Turner, NET Service Delivery and Safety Director, said: “Many people may think it’s harmless to skip the tram fares when travelling on the trams but the fact is, if you travel without a valid ticket then it is theft and could result in a criminal record which can show up on DBS checks against your name for up to 11 years. This can have real implications especially for students and those in paid employment.

“Our new campaign will also aim to tackle those who choose to walk away, thinking they can get away with it. All our trams and stops have plenty of HD CCTV which, as well as keeping our customers safe, makes it far easier to spot and call out anyone that’s guilty of travelling without a pass – especially when partnered with our increased presence on the ground from next month.”

During 2023, NET has issued 7,682 Penalty Fare Notices and prosecuted 2,580 passengers that refused to pay their Penalty Fare Notice. This renewed campaign is set to clamp down further on those who decide to travel without a ticket.

Sarah added: “Of course, we do recognise that there are some who genuinely make a mistake by purchasing the wrong ticket. As such, in the run up to December we’ll also be reminding customers of best practice when using the trams, so the majority who are honest can ensure they’re not caught out by not knowing short hop zones, for example, or for not following procedure for validating their concessionary travel cards correctly. If people are ever unsure, our team are always happy to explain anything over the interactive help points that you’ll find at our stops.

“I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their co-operation. By supporting our trams you’re helping to keep vital infrastructure within the city where we all work, learn and play, helping us stamp out crime and making our trams safer for all.”

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