Tyne and Wear Metro continues to struggle with performance

The Tyne and Wear Metro is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment as they wait for the introduction of their new trains whilst trying to maintain the 40 year old vehicles which continue to show their age leading to reliability issues. Over the past couple of four week periods, performance has been getting lower and when compared to 2022 it has been down considerably.

The two four week periods have seen the following statistics released:

20th August to 16th September

% of trains arriving on time 79%

Previous four weeks 81%

Same period in 2022 86%

17th September to 14th October

% of trains arriving on time 70%

Same period in 2022 87%

The availability of the Metrocars continues to be a concern with most days seeing gaps in the service as a result of this. We are also now well into the autumn period and the Tyne and Wear Metro often suffers during this time which probably means the next few periods (with no sign of the new trains entering service, or indeed more being delivered) are likely to see a continued struggle to maintain the advertised service.

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