Picture in Time: Sheffield 264

“Picture in Time” is back with another visit to the Crich Tramway Village!

You may have noticed in last week’s photo of Sheffield 189 that following on close behind was another Sheffield tram, and its that tram which we feature in the photo below. Sheffield 264 is another tram which has not operated at Crich for quite some time, in fact as with 189 its last Crich season was 1980 with it currently in the Great Exhibition Hall on display, 264 is three years newer than 189 having been built by Sheffield Corporation in 1937 in a slightly revised design with a domed roof one of the more obvious changes. The tram remained in service until the very last day of Sheffield Corporation Tramways – 8th October 1960. A couple of months later and 264 was transported to Crich where it has remained ever since with around 11 seasons in service between 1970 and 1980.

Photograph by Bob Hodges, 27th August 1979

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  1. Geoff Currie says:

    Gone from Sheffield long before they ever should!

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