Tilly the Tram returns to aid safety around Edinburgh’s tram system

In 2018, Edinburgh Trams revealed Tilly the Tram as part of a safety campaign to help keep young children safe when around the tram network. And now five years later and with the tram now running along Leith Walk and to Newhaven the character is back in an all new book!

“Tilly the Tram’s New Adventure” features key destinations such as St James Quarter, Port of Leith and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Free copies of the book have been given to schools in Leith, Ocean Terminal and Newhaven with further copies available for purchase from TravelHubs at Shandwick Place and Waverley Bridge.

Gianni Mastrangioli, Edinburgh Trams Events & Communications Assistant, said: “We’re beyond delighted that Tilly is back, and we’re looking forward to working with schools along the new route to Newhaven to deliver some important messages to pupils. With the help of Tilly and her friends, we’ve found an engaging, educational and fun way to offer youngsters in some of the most populated areas the information they need to safely navigate the tramway. The new line has opened a wealth of opportunities for Edinburgh and we will continue to work with the communities along the route to help them make the most of the service we provide.”

Laura S Thomson, Victoria Primary School’s Headteacher, said: “The children at Victoria Primary are very excited that the tram terminus is so near the school and we have already used it for school trips! We love the Tilly the Tram book and there was great excitement to share the story and spot familiar landmarks. It also gives us a focus to talk about safety around the trams. Thank you for giving us copies for our school.”

The book is suitable for children aged five and under. Proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to Edinburgh Trams’ Charity of the Year, Breast Friends and Family.

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