Planning permission granted for Tramtown phase one

Plans for the development of Tramtown at Blackpool Transport’s Rigby Road have moved a step forward after Blackpool Council’s Planning Committee approved the plans for the overall project – paving the way for work to start on repairing and upgrading the historic tram depot.

This planning application which has been approved includes the instalment of replacement roofing, new doors and glazing to front of the depot building. Inside the building a mezzanine first floor will be constructed and the workshop facilities will be accommodated after being moved from the separate buildings on the site (which are due to be demolished as part of the overall depot redevelopment to allow for the storage of electric buses). Ultimately an exhibition space will be built within the depot building with a visitors centre also provided.

In making the decision a report from the planning committee said: “Economically, the scheme would enhance the facilities at the site which would appeal to both local residents and visitors. The additional usage would support the site financially and jobs would be created by the use.

“Environmentally, the appearance of the scheme would be acceptable and would enhance the existing site. The scheme involves tree planting which would enhance both the appearance and biodiversity of the site. No unacceptable drainage impacts are anticipated.”

The first phase of the scheme will concentrate on the roof (approximately one third of the overall roof will be attended to initially) as well as the installation of the workshop equipment to allow the maintenance of the heritage tram fleet to continue in a more modern environment.

£800,000 of funding was secured for the first phase of the project earlier this year.

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10 Responses to Planning permission granted for Tramtown phase one

  1. Geoff Currie says:

    I really hope the Electric Buses are stored WELL away from the trams!

    • mac says:

      any reason why?

    • Adam Mckendrick says:

      Everybody banging on about the flammability of electric buses have no idea of the actual frequency of diesel bus fires…

      • Malcolm Bury says:

        These are serious concerns though. It would be interesting, given the number of diesel buses that are operating in comparison to the number of electric buses operating what the percentage of fires for each type of vehicle is. Also it has to be remembered that fires on Diesel buses can generally be handled and extinguished fairly quickly whereas thermal runaway on an electric vehicle continues until it is burnt out.

      • Geoff Currie says:

        Do you Adam?

        • Adam Mckendrick says:

          I do Geoff, after 10 years repairing 40+ burnt out buses, granted the electrics and hybrids were only in there numbers for the latter half, even once they were established the diesels always went up far, far more often. As for flammability, yes the electrics are harder to extinguish, but diesels still go up like paper once alight.

          The fear come from the fact that many diesel fires go unnoticed when the local news fail to pick up on it. Now the media hype about electric vehicle fires means the next one to go up is plastered all over social media before the fire engines have turned up.

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