In Pictures: Midweek opening at the East Anglia Transport Museum

As well as the more popular Sunday opening the East Anglia Transport Museum opens on all Thursdays during the operating season with the usual mix of trams, trolleybuses and the railway all running. One such opening was on Thursday 21st September when Bryan Grint also caught up with some of the preparations for the Trolleybus Weekend starting just a couple of days later.

One half of the tram service on this visit was Amsterdam 474. Seen here just about to turn into the woods.

As London trolleybus 1521 looks on, London tram 1858 passes in the background as its about to turn onto the woodland tram route.

The trolleybus in service on this date was Portsmouth 313 which passes a queue of buses and trolleybuses. Closest to the camera on the right is London Transport RTL 1163.

Trolleybuses lined up with Bournemouth 286 on the right and alongside that is Nottingham 578.

Buses flank a trolleybus. The trolleybus is Ashton-under-Lyne 87 with bus interest provided by local vehicle Lowestoft 8 and Eastern Counties 557. (All Photographs by Bryan Grint, 21st September 2023)

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