Tim Crookall returns to be Minister for Infrastructure

Tim Crookall MHK has been reappointed as Minister for Infrastructure in the Isle of Man Government. Mr Crookall previously held the role from October 2021 to June 2022, with this period including one of uncertainty for the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway in particular with the will-it, won’t-it be extended back to the Sea Terminal.

In making the decision to appoint him, Chief Minister Arthur Cannan MHK said: “Tim Crookall is a committed and experienced politician who has consistently stepped up to serve the Island when needed. Tim fully understands that the Department of Infrastructure is undergoing an evolution and is committed to delivering the vision set out in Our Island Plan. It will be good to have him back in the Council of Ministers.”

Tim Crookall himself said: “’I am delighted to be asked to return to the Department of Infrastructure. I fully recognise the pressures that the Department is facing and the commitment to refocus its operations. I intend to bring any change proposals to the Council of Ministers as soon as possible and ensure we move the Department forward with focus and purpose.  I look forward to re-joining a committed team at the DOI and working with them to deliver excellent services.”

His appointment comes as the report into the future of heritage railway operations on the island is awaited (expected this month) and with the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway extension in particular focus.

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  1. Geoff, IoM says:

    A small correction, Gareth: our Chief Minister is *Alfred* Cannan, not Arthur.

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