In Pictures: Update on Glasgow 1245’s restoration at Summerlee

It has been a very long time since we last featured an update on the restoration of Glasgow 1245 by members of the Summerlee Transport Group, so with the 61st anniversary of the closure of tramway having just passed it seems an appropriate time to take a trip to Scotland to see the current state of the restoration.

Glasgow 1245 is a 1939 built Coronation tram which ran in service on the city’s tramway until withdrawal on 19th June 1962. It was then used to help shunt other  trams to meet their maker up until 1963 and its been referred to as Glasgow’s final tram as it was used to move 1272 into the erecting shop at Coplawhill Works after which the overhead was switched off for the final time.

After final withdrawal it entered preservation and moved to the East Anglia Transport Museum in 1963. It ran on a limited basis here but by 1998 it was on the move again with it being stored for a few years ay Rigby Road Depot in Blackpool. Then in 2002 it was moved (with the two decks split) to Summerlee where it remained stored until restoration started in 2011.

Last time we featured the restoration in early 2022 we saw that bodywork repairs had been undertaken and that there was also good progress being made elsewhere on the tram, although a significant amount of work was required (including internally, paintwork and glazing).

The latest update provided to British Trams Online by the Summerlee Transport Group has seen that more good progress has been made in the last 18 months. With the completion of external panelling, painting has been able to get underway. Meanwhile, internal upper deck finishes are approaching completion and soon it should be possible to start to to see the final touches required which will allow the fitting of the upper deck seats.

Upper deck lighting has been completed and tested whilst lower deck wiring has been installed and the light fitting frames refurbished and installation commenced. The lower deck flooring requires to be replaced however the seat benches have been constructed and fitted.

The fitting of the glass windows has commenced after the refurbishment of the frames and destination boards. Various joinery items have been progressed with the final touches to the door frames nearing completion which will allow the fitting of both sets in the near future.

The replacement control system has been progressed sufficiently to allow simulated operation between the controllers and selector control panel to commence. So far the results have been encouraging and operating as planned. Once completed work will commence on there installation.

With the trams refurbished trucks now repositioned under the body again, the tram is now looking like a tram again. With the trucks back in place work can now commence on the mechanical and electrical under body requirements including mechanical and electrical services.

There does remain a lot of smaller items to be completed or procured and its hoped that these can progress once additional funding is secured.

  • The tramway at Summerlee currently remains closed.

Looking very much like the Glasgow tram that it is, 1245 sits in the workshops at Summerlee. As can be seen much of the glazing is now in place and the new panels have also now been painted into the traditional Glasgow colours. (Photograph by David Craig, 29th August 2023)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: Update on Glasgow 1245’s restoration at Summerlee

  1. Geoff Currie says:

    Stunning job, well done to everyone involved!

  2. Gordon Casely says:

    Thanks to the heroic work undertaken in rescuing this car, I can’t be the only one who greatly looks forward to travelling in her again. My grateful thanks to the many who have restored her.

  3. Tim Major says:

    1245 Initially moved from Glasgow to The Measham Motor Museum in Leicestershire before its transfer to The East Anglia Transport Museum in 1964..

  4. David says:

    When I visited they were kind enough to allow me to have a thorough look inside the tram. I was very impressed by their restoration work.

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