Manchester Metrolink Then & Now: St Werburgh’s Road

“Then & Now” today returns to Manchester Metrolink’s South Manchester line as we continue this series where we see images before the trams arrived and after they started running.

The location today is St Werburgh’s Road which was the original terminus of the line before the section from there to East Didbsury was completed. Today St Werburgh’s Road is also a junction stop with the line to Manchester Airport diverging shortly after the stop.

Many of the “Then” images we have viewed in this series has seen construction work well underway but for this one there is very little indication of what was to come! Looking northwest from the bridge we see housing beyond the trees and a footpath. This was 5th March 2009.

On 10th July 2011 and things have definitely changed! A tramway is now in place and the extensive bridge ramp leading down to track level is in place as we look back towards Manchester at a tram approaching the stop. This was just three days after services had begun. (Both Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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