New website and a new timetable for Blackpool Transport

Blackpool Transport has just unveiled a very impressive new look website, promoting the company and its various activities. Whereas the previous website was largely focussed on the bus side of the firm’s operations, the trams feature much more prominently now, with plenty of reference to the heritage tram tours as well as the core service fleet.

Full details on the tours of the illuminations are given on the website, alongside details of the normal LRT tram service. The presence of a news page indicates a desire to keep the new site up to date, whilst links are provided to attractions and events to see in Blackpool, along with details of how best to get to them.

Co-inciding with the relaunch of Blackpool Transport’s website, came a new and improved tram timetable for the busy illuminations season, which commenced operating on Monday 2nd September. For much of the day a 12 minute frequency is offered, changing in the evening. Although trams only run along the whole length of the tramway every half hour from early evening on weekdays, an intermediate service means that trams run between Starr Gate and Little Bispham every ten minutes – a very impressive headway which will hopefully cope well with the demands of the illuminations traffic. Better still, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings a tram is provided along this lucrative section at least every eight minutes, although the half hourly Fleetwood service remains in force.

Initially when the upgraded tramway was opened, Sunday was seen as a poor relation of the other days with trams running less often, but the realisation that Blackpool is not like your average city and relies heavily on tourists, many of whom visit at weekends, has now hit home and a much better Sunday service, albeit with a later state, is being provided.

Full details of the revised tram timetables can be found at:

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7 Responses to New website and a new timetable for Blackpool Transport

  1. Ash Tomlinson says:

    It says on this new Blackpool Transport website that the intermidiate service only runs to Bispham on northbound journeys. That’s obviously not right as I’ve seen it running to Little Bispham on all journeys.

  2. Diane Croxford says:

    I am a foster carer and bringing a group of foster children and their carers to see the lights. Please tell me if we can pre-book tram tickets. How long the trams take to get through lights and price. Do you do discount tickets for charities?

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      You can’t book tram tickets in advance unfortunately, but if you contact Blackpool Transport directly they may be able to help you – their website is A circular tour of the illuminations from the Pleasure Beach lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes though if this helps.

    • Gary McLean says:

      You can pop into co-op and ask for a metro for whatever day/s you need, they’re about £1 cheaper then what you would pay on the tram. So if your paying for multiple people, the you save a few quid. They will never tell you this for obvious reasons, but I hope you find this info helpful.

    • Mike says:

      If there are a large number of you, you may struggle to all get on the same tram. For a big party it may be worth while considering a private hire.

  3. Mrs Clark says:

    Please update the timetables for the tram. They only apply up to November 1st, it is November 5th today

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      With all due respect, queries like this are better directed to Blackpool Transport – this is a website run by volunteers for tram enthusiasts and is not really intended to give up to date travel information!