In Pictures: Sheffield 264 returns to action at Beamish

For the past couple of months, Beamish have been coping with just four trams available for service after the temporary withdrawal of Sheffield 264 with a motor problem. With the motor back at Beamish and refitted to the tram, 264 is now back in service boosting the tram fleet just as the weather improves and everyone seems to descend on the museum especially following the opening of more buildings in the 1950s town.

264 had been absent from service since late April and unfortunately missed out on the planned celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beamish Tramway in May with it confined to depot on static display during the weekend. But its pleasing to report that its absence will no longer be felt as the motor was repaired and refitted to the Sheffield tram in time for it to be back in action by Sunday 11th June, which was a busy day at the museum requiring a 3 tram service. It was joined by Newcastle 114 and Sunderland 16 on this day with the other two trams (Blackpool 31 and Oporto 196) in the depot.

Welcome back 264! Newcastle 114 patiently waits for 264 to arrive at the Entrance. 264 was the sole tram running anti-clockwise on this day with 114 joined by Sunderland 16 on the clockwise circuit.

Gateshead 10 continues to be shy behind this plastic sheeting. As reported previously the overhaul of the tram has been delayed and its now not expected back until spring 2024. Blackpool 31 and Oporto 196 complete the photo. (Both Photographs by Trevor Hall, 11th June 2023)

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