In Pictures: More testing in Edinburgh

Its been over a month since we saw the first trams run on the Trams to Newhaven extension in Edinburgh. Since that first week of testing – which included trams running all the way along the extension – it had gone a little quiet with little said about the testing and commissioning which is still needed ahead of the line opening aside from a generic statement that it would be continuing. But trams have again been seen on the line this week as preparations for the start of service continue.

The Trams to Newhaven line will be the first extension for Edinburgh Trams and runs for just short of 3 miles between York Place in Edinburgh City Centre and Newhaven. Much of the route runs along Leith Walk with it also going via Ocean Terminal on its way to the new terminus. Work on building the line started in November 2019 and now there remain just localised works to complete ahead of the line opening to the public.

The exact date of opening has yet to be confirmed but it is still said to be on time which would mean that we should see trams running sometime this spring – which could be anytime between now and 21st June. It also remains within budget.

The latest testing spotted by our intrepid photographer was on the evening of Monday 17th April and as with the first tests it was 258 which was used for the test runs.

258 – showing Newhaven in its electronic display and Not In Service for the manual board at the bottom of the cab window – is caught at the McDonald Road tramstop. We’re looking back up Leith Walk here towards the city centre.

A second view of 258 just after its departed from McDonald Road with Brunswick Street coming in on the right. This time we are looking out of the city and towards Leith. (Both Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 17th April 2023)

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