More car v tram collision footage released by TfGM

As Transport for Greater Manchester continue their safety campaign encouraging motorists to “Be Tram Aware” they have released some more footage of collisions between cars and trams. A previous video was released in February and this latest footage shows drivers pulling ahead of oncoming trams before the tram driver can react, resulting in damage to both vehicles.

Danny Vaughan, TfGM Head of Metrolink, said: “It’s vitally important that motorists remain vigilant when driving close to the Metrolink network, particularly where the tracks run on or along roads. Our trams weigh 40 tonnes and have the potential to cause significant injury and damage if they are involved in a collision, so please take extra care when driving. In most cases collisions on Metrolink are due to motorists not paying attention, so we hope that by releasing this footage, drivers will be more tram aware help reduce the risk crashes and additional consequences such as the disruption to our customers.”

Between April and December last year there were 91 car collisions with trams, and most of these were down to an error on the motorists side.

Collisions not only put car drivers and passengers and well as those on board the trams at risk of serious injury but also cause a significant financial impact to both Metrolink and motorists. Metrolink incurred repair costs of £1.4 million between April and December 2022, and this has mostly been recouped though motorists insurance.

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