In Pictures: Croydon Tramlink 058 out on the Crich mainline

Over the past month or so we’ve run regular articles on how this tram has entered service, that tram has carried passengers for the first tram etc. but very little mention has been made of the works cars in the fleet at the Crich Tramway Village. The museum is home to a varied collection of works vehicles, some of which are on static display to help tell the history of trams whilst others are still very much providing a vital service to help with maintenance.

There are four works vehicles which are considered part of the regular operating fleet. These are diesel locomotive GMJ plus Croydon Tramlink 058 (along with its trailer 061), Cardiff 131 and the Blackpool Electric Locomotive. As well as being used for maintenance, tram rescues and the like these vehicles can also often be seen at special enthusiast events when a lucky few can get a rare chance for a ride in one of them.

Most of the time when you visit Crich it will just be passenger trams that you see out on the mainline but on occasions one of these works cars will also be seen out usually performing the role for which it was originally built. One such occasion was on Tuesday 11th April 2023.

Croydon Tramlink 058 – named John Gardner after a former member of the TMS who had a passion for rail mounted cranes – along with its own trailer, numbered 061, sits in the museum street between its maintenance duties. (Photograph by Michael Reynolds, 11th April 2023)

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